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2009 July 2009. "Powerlines" edited by Dexter Petley  star rating An extraordinary collection of fishing stories. "Fish Running" is in my mind still, possibly because I have also fished and run, "The Wilderness Cure" water-horse clatters my own internal scallop-shell pile, "The Last Trout" is masterly and the visceral imagery of "Still Waters" and "Pond Life" suggests that for many, the 'Mr. Crabtree' days might just be figments. Every story in this book is a cracker. You'll read them more than once. You may well recall them for many years thereafter.

2013: grayling 21st November 2013. Turfcroft. Cold, bright and rather still...and with only three bites in the last 40 minutes to show. Could have been worse...

Turfcroft, Burley.Turfcroft, Burley.
Cold day at Turfcroft...1...1
Turfcroft, Burley.Turfcroft, Burley.
Cold day at Turfcroft...2...2
Turfcroft, Burley.Turfcroft, Burley.
Cold day at Turfcroft...3...3
Turfcroft, Burley.Turfcroft, Burley.
Cold day at Turfcroft...4...4
Turfcroft, Burley.Turfcroft, Burley.
Cold day at Turfcroft...5...5

2011: crucian 14th March 2011. Milton Abbey. Suckered in by the sight of the tench, managed a dozen good roach instead to 1lb. I've had worse days and felt better about it. Two more foundlings for the collection.

Milton Abbeythe pump pool... Milton Abbey...the float... Milton of the roach Milton Abbeythe main lake and the island Milton Abbey...the float...

2015 6th July 2015. Pond near Heathfield

Pond near HeathfieldSadly, this is the only view I took of the lake, I've not really done it justice - I was pretty much occupied by the fishing. I was sitting on the south bank and the 'Thane of Sussex' was loitering at the east end, encouraging carp (with some success) to take mixers from under a tree or two Pond near HeathfieldThis is the first of half-a-dozen goldfish-influenced fish I caught fairly early on... Pond near Heathfield...and another shown with the well re-varnished cigar box I use as a temporary float holder. As in 'today's floats'. A 4lb or so carp also tripped up during the morning rush. Pond near HeathfieldThere is much to be said for fishing with the most basic of floats and tackle and it's surprising how often it makes no difference at all to the catch. There are days when fish will tow the biggest porcupine quill you've ever seen and a swan shot with an insolent insouciance. If you look closely at this picture, a lot of insects are there or thereabouts, a good hatch is under way.
Pond near HeathfieldNow you might think this is a bit of a crucian. There are several clues as to why it's not. The first two (shown), are the preceding fish which were very definitely goldfish...this fish, although humped like a crucian, has a lateral scale count of 30 (which is marked up for your convenience), which puts it firmly in the goldfish range and at best it's a cru/goldfish hybrid - the dorsal has a reasonable curve to it, but the caudal (not shown here) was markedly forked. I had a lot of fun though, with this guy and four or five of its brethren. Pond near HeathfieldOne of the many roach. Pond near HeathfieldThis carp which was about 5lb or so gave me a serious tussle and like a smaller carp earlier in the day, it was bubbling right under the bank, well inshore of my quill, and as before I stealthily reeled my bait over the bubbles and dropped it where I judged the eating end was. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzzzzz..... Pond near HeathfieldThere was a quiet spell early afternoon, so while I was musing on the meaning of life, these guys lit on the same branch and it seemed two good a chance to miss. I then spent some time spooning bits of bread into the lake to try to draw the carp in a bit and one larger one started to pick off the bread, so I took the tell-tale shot off, removed the float and jammed a cork ball over the link-swivel, spun a small pile of line onto my knee and cast a floating flake. I'd been fishing perfectly well with 6lb line until then but the take I got snapped my line instantly somewhere above the cork-ball...I was using a soft rod and a pin, so I really have no idea why that happened. Slightly hollowed-out I re-tackled and went back to my pitch. Pond near HeathfieldThe last fish to turn up was this common, 10lb or so. The classic, dither, dither, dither, dither, bobble...the first run was impressive though and it took a good five minutes to get to the net. Nothing wrong with my LHSRE and line then...I ponder the likelihood of a weak spot introduced by moving float-stops a bit too quickly.

2009 28th September 2009. L'etang De La Morinais.

L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais L'etang De La Morinais

2017 swivel 23rd September 2017. Barton's Court. Was on the way home, so I bought cockles and prawns, then fished under a bit of tree. Not withstanding a drive to Hull and back, I had a dreadful stomach bug, so wondered how long I was going to last. A walk round had given me the strong feeling that no-where was very enticing - the water was very low and the inlet stream dry. Hm. After 40 minutes I got a stabbing bite and the perch of the day, perhaps 8oz. This set me for fair sailing, but the next two-and-a-half hours produced one more stabbing bite, which I missed, then a sliding one, ditto. It didn't help that every twenty minutes, pigeons scooting along the bank were pulling up in front of me with the avian equivalent of a hand-brake turn. Nearing the end, a kingfisher whirred onto the tree, a glimpse of orange waistcoat and lancet-beak and as I inched for the camera it whirred off, the vacated branch vibrating in time with its wings. I hobbled up the bank to the car, pondering the wisdom of stopping at all.

Barton's Court Lake Today at Barton's Court lake Barton's Court Lake The cunningly positioned float Barton's Court Lake The lone perch rides again

...wait. One perch. Again.

2011: crucian 17th March 2011. Upper Sharnhill. I stopped counting at thirty, but nevertheless fishing a big quill and worms in the sun, is no hardship at all (4oz-2lb, four crucians and four of those purple mirror thingies).

Upper Sharnhill One of the 2lb'ers Upper Sharnhill ...the reedy south end of the pond... Upper Sharnhill ...the reedy north end of the pond
Upper SharnhillMight pay attention. Might not. Upper Sharnhill...the slanted quill... Upper Sharnhill...the pitch... Upper Sharnhill...the slanted quill
Upper Sharnhill A little purple leather Upper Sharnhill A tiny crucian Upper Sharnhill a cross-section of 'the bag'

Even this tiny pond yields two more floats for the jetsam collection.

2009 28th March 2009. Silent Woman. Another afternoon with the Nempster. The weather was pleasant for March and it was good to be out. The downside was that the lake, again, was completely dead.

Silent Woman Alert to the point of tautness Silent Woman Doldrums

While there was some limited movement, contrasting with 12 months ago when any bait was plagued with rudd and roach and small carp popped up often. The thick green weed beds are gone as well. It might be that we are failing to change our ways, but we moved three times today, and although a solitary carp showed later in the day and Nemp managed two tiny rudd, it's hard to avoid the thought the lake's best days are behind it and some sea-change has occurred, perhaps run-off, eutrophication or rising acidity. Ah well.

2011: crucian 12th April 2011. Lower Sharnhill. I've lost some heart on hearing the weed is to be 'cleared' as it's the weed that gives this odd pond its life and carp, but nevertheless I caught a zillion little ones (well, up to 1½lb) and after some high jinks, a nice fish nicked at 30 yards on the Hex avon and a bit of bread. And, proving a point, a 3lb fish caught on a dead-bait sprat. Really. The second sprat was battered to pieces by what I presume were smaller carp and the third edged quietly off to one side, but the strike got me nothing. Amazingly good light for photographs.

Lower Sharnhill the quill in the pitch Lower Sharnhill the view from the east end Lower Sharnhill The crust tricked common. Look at the length compared with girth. Long lean feral fish.
Lower Sharnhill looking south-west Lower Sharnhill north-west at sunset Lower Sharnhill north-west at sunset

2017 swivel 22nd December 2017. Mappowder, Spring Lake. Too quiet. I kind of talked myself into going out and in my mind I wanted a gentle 'fish for bite' type of session. I had a wander about and went down to the filed pond below Spring Lake and it looks clear and lifeless, although I know it has a lot of rudd. I pitched on the north side and stuck on the usual 6lb through type of rig and in the first hour picked up a couple of carp on pinches of bread. Then, curious about bites I couldn't get hold of, scaled down to an '18' and extracted to extract cold roach and gudgeon. After another hour, this palled a little, although carp were now appearing, even the few bread pills and cockles enough to get them mooching over. Hm. The water was flat calm, there wasn't a breath of wind, the bank was soft and so I ran an experiment. I raised myself a few inches of my seat and dropped back. A ripple spread across the lake. I stamped one wellington firmly. More ripples. I stamp the same wellington gently. Even then, I could see ripples emanating from my pitch. For the last experiment I stood up and walked quietly behind the tree, waited a few minutes and walked 'normally' to my chair. Yep. Ripples. See, they can hear you…

Mappowder Spring Lake The inevitable float with occasional bubbles. Mappowder Spring Lake Some of the catch
Mappowder Spring LakeThat's as flat a water surface as you'll see

I re-commenced fishing, nabbed a couple more roach and then realised I was a bit bored with the place's near domination of small carp, so packed. I will try the field-pond at tench-time though, just to be sure.

2017 swivel 20th March 2017. Curiosity. Drat. The slender carbon switch mentioned in the below entry was exactly the wrong size to add a slender tip to the fly-rod tip section. Simply put, if I had cut the fly-rod tip section back to allow the insertion of the 'tip' I'd have ended up with a 'broom-handle-with-a-quiver-tip' type of affair which was not the idea at all.

2017 swivel 13th July 2017. The Saxon Ponds. A day awarded to myself to 'blood' the MKIIIAs described down the page a bit... and see what the small stuff was composed of blI cut up a piece of old mono, the usual way by winding it around my fingers and then cutting the hank through twice with the very sharp small knife. I cleverly sliced a flap of skin on my forefinger and although I'm not remotely superstitious or anything, I wiped the blood onto the handle of the new corks... . A leg-dangling tiddler-bash. I parked on the dam and mucked about with the renovation, a small porcy and a size 16, simple stuff. Said simple stuff removed a flurry of small roach, mostly by fishing off the bottom. A few perch showed and I discovered that dragging the bait a few feet would pick up one such as likely as not. The thin springy tip of the Blue Rod worked neatly for tiddler snatching. It also flicked the quill and its single no.6 shot 10 yards with little effort, so for fun I pulled a few more perch from in-range nooks and dropped a selection into a landing net for a photo.

The Saxon Ponds The other MKIII and the dam wall The Saxon Ponds Looking up the pond The Saxon Ponds A few of the tiddlers
The Saxon PondsThe fishing of day-dreams. Well, for me anyway.

I decided to try the top pond for a bit, with a few shrimp and some bread. My first thought was the swim nearest the dam, but it was so shallow I tarried only to plumb the depth. I'm never very confident in such shallow swims, so I moved up the pond to between two patches of lilies. Four hours there drove me nuts. There were fish present continuously but try as I might (and I tried) I conjured only two bites (on bread) in the first two hours and missed them both. I then hooked a crucian which rolled under my feet and nicked the hook onto some hornwort. I'm not saying how big that was. I missed another bite, then hooked another which I netted sharpish, after a tussle it must be said. Here it is. It's not a bad one. I missed another bite and by now large crus were rolling with the small, but nearing insanity, I edged off.

The Saxon Ponds The pitch The Saxon Ponds The float The Saxon Ponds The dam wall from the south bank
The Saxon PondsNot bad though...

2011: crucian 5th August 2011. The Corn Brook, Coreley. One of those tiny streamsI love these. Probably poaching though. at the end of the lane where we were holidaying. I blagged worms out of the garden of the rented cottage and tied some 3lb line to the tip ring of the top-three sections of the four-piece Avon. Much to my surprise I never even saw, let alone caught a fish. Odd.

The Brooke, KnowleThe Brooke, Knowle The Brooke, KnowleThe Brooke, Knowle The Brooke, KnowleThe Brooke, Knowle The Brooke, KnowleThe Brooke, Knowle

Nice cottage. The dog mugged a rabbit out of a bush and thought that was just fine.

2011: crucian 8th September 2011. Golden Pond, Stockbridge. This was on the way home from meeting with a very old friend and looks nice, but one can never tell...

Golden Pond, StockbridgeCarp the first Golden Pond, StockbridgeThe fisher king Golden Pond, StockbridgeVery possibly a humongeous crucian, that I barely noticed on the day (and caught off the surface with bread) Golden Pond, StockbridgePretty pond, as far from the car park as possible

I fished right at the far end, as far away from the carp-ark as I could get. Float fishing caught stuff, but I was enticed into fishing bread on/just under/around a patch of lilies. This was sucessful, if hit-and-miss, but more fun that watching the float. It also landed me one of my largest crucians ever caught off-the-top.

Toward the end of the day, I essayed casts to the other side, found that loose bread brough fish out, but bread on the hook was treated 'with some care'. I put mixers on the hook and nabbed several. The msytery was explained at the end of the day when some fold turned up and covered the surface with bread and commenced fishing off the top with the same. Ah...

Golden Pond, StockbridgeY.A.C. Golden Pond, StockbridgeA very decent roach Golden Pond, StockbridgeY.A.C. Golden Pond, StockbridgeY.A.C.

I went on then.

2009 5th April 2009. Arfleet Mills. I know. I went fishing today and float-fished with the four-piece Avon on the back pit, but oddly, despite the pictures, which usually remind me of the day, I can't recall a single will assume I had a fine and relaxing session. This seems to be a reasonable assumption.

Arfleet Mills blank, blanking, blanked Arfleet Mills pretty place though you have to admit

2016 1st November 2016. Luckfield Lake...I fancied 'fishing for bites' among autumn leaves. Dithering I eventually went for Luckfield for no good reason. It had the leaves. Tons of them, trapped by a combination of the line now stretched across the lake for the aerator and swirling winds caused by the much needed removal of some trees. Still. It was exactly the sort of day when wondering around with a loaf of bread would have caught four or five good fish, or failing that balancing chunk of flake on top of the leaves and waiting...but that wasn't what I wanted. I thought to give peg 2 a try and fished pinches of bread-flake after a bite-less hour on cockles. The afternoon went by pleasantly with a kingfisher, two field-fares popping up and down the hedge behind me and a woodpecker thocking on a dead branch. The bread removed a dozen carp of about 1lb, plus one small bream and while it was pleasant work, this was eleven more small carp that I've ever caught here, which is a worrying development - can't help feeling this still pretty venue is well on the way to becoming just another carp puddle. Pity.

Lower Sharnhillthe view from the south-east corner Lower Sharnhill...the leaves... Lower Sharnhill...and the float Lower SharnhillThe view from the pitch

2008 23rd December 2008. South Drain. Piking without actual pike. A hare-brained and pre-conceived trip, which saw me up with the frozen lark and dibbling sprats under a float in the South Drain. I put 12lb line on a Kingpin and was using an LRH No.3 which is quite pike-like and despite the early morning frost and mist, which is supposed to foreshadow great piking, didn't get a run as such. The South Drain looks the part with said frost, ground mist and the flat reclaimed mini-fen behind.

This is where the resemblance ended and despite trying my luck in every swim I could reach and eventually trotting the Frome at Redcliff, where I'd parked, after three hours it was clear I was not destined for a traditional pike. Or any kind of pike, come to that.

The south Drain, WarehamThe south Drain, Wareham
Southdrain Pike Hunt...1
The south Drain, WarehamThe south Drain, Wareham
Southdrain Pike Hunt...2
The south Drain, WarehamThe south Drain, Wareham
Southdrain Pike Hunt...3
The south Drain, WarehamThe south Drain, Wareham
Southdrain Pike Hunt...4
The south Drain, WarehamThe south Drain, Wareham
Southdrain Pike Hunt...5

As it was barely coffee time I headed over to Holme Bridge and spent a further couple of hours trying out odd holes and a big eddy upstream of the bridge...and then tried under the bank downstream of the bridge...none of which got me a snatch  GCC1 Another ruling from the Geneva Comedy Convention of 1887 - when using the word 'snatch', a bit of a leer is encouraged as well as a slight pause, less than ¾s, more than ¼s, before the next word. The disputed '1936 Amendment' also makes provision for a double waggle of the eyebrows, the so called 'Groucho' amendment.. Ah well...really good fun though.

2007 JAA's third year 25th May 2007. Highbench. The return of the Hatangler

2012 28th July 2012. Meadow Lake Fishery. I found this small farm pond, perhaps 1/3 acre with some small (but sharp witted) carp and a multitude of small roach. A little idyll, and after just under three hours I move on, lest I spoil it...

The Farm Pond A proper farm pond carp The Farm Pond Another proper farm pond carp
The Farm Pond A proper farm pond The Farm Pond A proper farm pond The Farm Pond A proper farm pond

I head over to Upper Sharnhill, 'kind of' on the way home, a small pond day and this still overrun with small carp proved entertaining and also bagged a tench of 3oz, which was nice. All my attempts to hook a larger one failed though. Not dismally or anything.

2013: grayling 28th April 2013. Arfleet. All day and all of the night he'd fished the back pit, hooked one, 'spat the hook'. It's black stewed tea colour, I know that's a forlorn hope. The other pit. Fish tease me in the weeds, the carper arrives opposite, phone..."Did you hear about the world record common, big as a f**kin fiesta...." Wind swings and the words blur, well I blame the wind...he decamps, not before he'd scattered half a loaf between both ends. Good of him, the pieces at the west end are vanishing, too many too quick, so I slip round and feed the ghostly culprit a chunk of cinnamon bagel. 'One'.

Arfleet'One' ArfleetArfleet Mills ArfleetArfleet Mills ArfleetArfleet Mills

I drink tea and walk under the trees and pausing only to wedge a size 8 in my thumb, lay on flake with my new lucky quill, back of last weeks weeds. After 20 minutes of tree leaning and flicking bread pills it slides off and the resulting swoosh makes me think bigger that the common that results, pale enough to remark, not a ghostie. "Two".

Arfleet'Two' ArfleetArfleet Mills ArfleetArfleet Mills Arfleet'Three'

I scoot the long way to the monk end, just because it's a nice place to sit and find myself thinking of that old joke about the WWII pilot giving a talk in a girls school, I get to the punchline fkr...oh all right then..."A World War II fighter pilot was invited to give a talk to a very proper Girl's School about his war experiences. "In 1942," he says, "the situation was really tough. The Germans had a very strong air force. I remember," he continues, "one day I was protecting the bombers and suddenly, out of the clouds, these three fokkers appeared."

"I looked up and realized that two of the fokkers were directly above me. I aimed at the first one and shot him down. By then though, the other fokker was right on my tail."

At this point the Headmistress leaps to her feet and interjects "I think I should point out that 'Fokker' was the name of a German fighter plane used during the war."

"Nah, nah, nah," says the pilot, " these 'fokkers' were Messerschmitts."
 and the float dips, if it'd been a bar-room gunfight I'd have come second. Scrappy scrappy common. "Three". More Earl G. ...and the wind freshens, the chop settles into a long distance stride and I punt off before the sun, passing the black rabbit of Wareham on the way.

2013: grayling 11th October 2013. Barton's Court Lake. Back down to earth - I've spent a full hour on the water before tackling up. Chat and netting one for a fellow, the naughty'n'nice McBreakfast, re-spooling the 6lb, tidying out the food-rubbish. After yesterday's shaft of winter, which left my body shaking with cold, under dressed moron, I'm thermalled, tucked into the SW corner, proper rod, 12lb through. Just seemed a good spot, with yesterday's cold and this morning's fish-tail wind - the worst for shooting - it's a likely spot while the day's pattern emerges. Might perch it later. Might not...

The Scottish Correspondent(TSC) arrived and opted for my swim of two days previous as he too had a bone to pick. I'd opted for my corner while the fish-tails dies off and some kind of settled pattern emerged and wwhile we were chatting my lob-and-mussel high-tailed with the float in tow. I missed off course. TSC ambled off and I fished the heavy rod on, missed another, let a hour tick by then swapped to the GHSRE and 6lb line and a one-cockle hook of some type. I almost immediately got a bite which went very heavy and the fish determined to get under the tree on my left had the rod doubled up and the line singing in the wind but somehow, it didn't break (the GHSRE does this...) and I had another good double. This augured well. Wrongly as it happened.

Barton's Court Lake Barton's Court Lake - back to reality Barton's Court Lake Barton's Court Lake - back to reality Barton's Court Lake Barton's Court Lake - back to reality

I'm not certain, but I may have run down a black cat on the way in, spilt salt and not thrown, been hag-squinted, jinxed, hexed and then incorrectly greeted lone it was, over the course of the day I lost six (6), yes SIX more carp to hook pulls. I couldn't buy a bite on the heavy rod (interesting) - but the next cast on the GHSRE had another large fish doubling the rod, all but beaten, if not visible, ten heart stopping wind whining long minutes, then the hook pinged over my head. Several came off after a few yards at most. I changed the hook three times, larger, smaller and with a few perch to ease the pain, one ¾lb perhaps, several other gobbing worms longer than themselves, I lost another carp mid-afternoon that lumbered off down the right hand bank like a feather-foot pulled dray and I'd turned it 30 yards off, my game thought I, but back came the hook. I could have wept. At some point TSC brandished a carp through the trees at me, good man yerself, I didn't envy his pitch - the wind had settled North East with a gap in the trees opposite delivering the teeth of a wintry wind - although I paid a heavy hearted visit after this last loss. I plodded back to my pitch, fished until near dusk with my now nearly luck-less lucky quill laid flat, see-sawing on the chop (no strike until it dived), with my fourth hook, a wide-ish 12-ish thing and a cockle tacked on the point. The heavy rod leaned on the rushes and at one point the rat that was hopping along the water's edge sneaked through by the bait bin and jumped clear into the air when I moved, both of us rapt. Later the rushes the other side twitched a bit and I thought nothing of it...when finally a snaking bite came, which lumbered, I'd given up hope and simply played the large fish with small expectations and when I saw my unhatched and uncounted chicken it was common and in the end just over 15lb, so I finished then, on the up and carried gear in relays down to the Laird's pitch. All over too soon. Should have been, should have been...

Barton's Court Lake Barton's Court Lake - back to reality Barton's Court Lake Barton's Court Lake - back to reality Barton's Court Lake Barton's Court Lake - back to reality

The heavy rod was missing it's size 4 and the three mussels left on...gnawed through and nabbed under cover of dry grasses. Sneaky bu88ers, rats.

2016 August 2016. Cork-Ball Bobbers

I'll pop some pictures of 'the making of' later, but these are all made with 1.5mm cane and 8mm cork balls. Eyes are variously, very thin wire or old hook-length braid. Any whippings are 6/0 thread and nothing neat. The cork balls are bored with a broach then glued to the stem with water-proof cyanoacrylate and I do no more than round of the end of the cane with a nail board and colour the stems and cork roughly with permanent markers before a coat of thinned varnish. They get one more coat of undiluted varnish and the tips are white matt paint with colours over the top.

I find that for most fishing a 2:1 ratio, stem to tip, gives stability. The smallest of them barely require shot and fished with a 'tell-tail' no. 6 shot are as good for small gudgeon as for margin fishing for carp. The ease with which they can be made allows for experimentation without great commitment or cost as well as a complete lack of concern for losses.

Cork-ball floats The surfeit of riches that are the cork-ball floats in my float tube. The numbers correspond to the list below.
  1. These are the longest pattern I've made with 2 x 8mm cork balls. They're a shade too long for best all round use and need a little weight on the base of the stem, you can see solder wire on some of them. The pink colour is florescent marker-pen over white paint, varnished over.
  2. These with 3 x 8mm cork balls are modelled on the proportions of a roach float made by Richard Walker. They're very effective.
  3. These with 2 x 8mm cork balls are also modelled on the proportions of a roach float made by Richard Walker, also effective stable floats.
  4. These are the most all-round useful size, being just cocked and set with the mini-swivel I use for float attachment. Note the black-edged white bands on the tip, the most useful colour pattern for visibility I've tried.
  5. These short floats have a striped tip and an eye made with a cut-off swivel and a peice of silicone rubber, all waterproof super-glued. They're designed for crucian fishing at close range and are fished with the top 1-1.5cm out of the water to register lift or sink bites.
  6. As for the previous type, but no eye, just top-and-bottom rubber.
  7. Neither of these marked actually worked well. The weight required to 'cock' them at all, sunk them, whereas any weight which 'cocked' them without sinking, left the float at an angle in the water. These will get cut down to make one of the other patterns. Notice the orange and yellow flouro banding, ridiculously visible. If naff.
A bunch of hooks I found in my pike-boxA bunch of hooks found in my pike box...(and back to the top of the page) A bunch of hooks I found in my pike-boxA bunch of hooks found in my pike box A bunch of hooks I found in my pike-boxA bunch of hooks found in my pike box

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