Milton Abbey

I started fishing here in 2001, pre-diary, or there would be a lot more entries - it was one of the few venues around my neck of the woods, where the water isn't permanently the colour of milky tea and every second fish isn't a carp. If I had to speculate, it's suffered some eutrophication in recent years, but of course the weed growth there might be due to something else entirely. In any event it is a fine place to spend a few hours and listening to the owls hooting back-and-forth at dusk is a good a way to end a day as any.

Sadly, it closed to day-ticket anglers in early 2018I did hear the day-ticket fishery was 'more trouble than it was worth' or some such.. No idea why. Pity.

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2000-2004 Lured1st December 2001. Milton Abbey.

The first time I ever fished here. It was chuffing cold and still, not freezing exactly, but that cold damp stillness that leeches the heat from your bones and fingers. I took the pole and the light 'top-three' to Peg 1, way up towards the little area of backwaters. The water was coloured enough so the shallowness didn't put me off and I fished for four hours with 2lb hook-links and managed a fine roach every twenty minutes, from 8oz to the best part of 1lb. Bites at that kind of intervals are exactly right for fun and concentration and at dusk I took myself off home (for the first time) numb but a more relaxed parent than before.