Reel (and bits) direct from China

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Reel (and bits) direct from China

Postby Mr Mole » Sat Jun 22, 2019 2:04 pm

I needed a new reel to replace an old, knackered Okuma, it would be mainly for my wife or as a second/spare reel for me so not a lot of use annually. I started looking for something not too expensive about 4000 size, to carry some 10lb line and use in rivers or lakes, I viewed the usual models and then started thinking about one direct from China. Hard to find much reliable info on them and there's plenty of makes and models and reviews - for what they are worth - are not all bad.

I went onto aliexpress and started browsing: ... isViewCP=y
I would keep the price to £40 or thereabout and take a punt, not the end of the world if it was rubbish. I ordered a Kastking Sharky3 direct from Kastking, I also bought a couple of extras to qualify for another small discount and the total came to £55.

Order went in and parcel delivered to my door, from China, postage free in 13 days, tracking every inch of the way. Can't fault that for service!

So the reel, not used yet so only first impressions. Here it is next to my Daiwa tdm 2500 and my Shimano Exage 4000 to give an idea of size, was lighter and smaller than the Shimano but same line capacity.
IMG_0252 (Medium).JPG

All seems smooth and solid without wobble, bale arm crisp and light - Exage is positively "clunky" next to it, about an ounce lighter than the Exage to give a comparison. Drag very smooth but needs a decent barbel on the other end for a proper test.
It comes with copious instructions, amazingly in understandable English, including how to lubricate, service, grease reel :text-bowdown: . Not sure the build quality will be up to the Shimano or Daiwa reels, but they may be near double the price.

Negatives are only a single spool (baitrunner model has 2 spools) which I knew when I ordered and the handle doesn't fold, so has to be unscrewed. Nothing else obvious, but the proof is in the using so I shall report back in due course later in the season.

I also ordered a couple of 300m spools of 4 strand braid that I shall use for lure fishing and last me a lifetime + 40 curly tail soft lures (come out about 20p each) to make up the order.

IMG_0254 (Medium).JPG

Impressed by service and speed of delivery, I wouldn't hesitate to order direct again. I do feel that within a few years time, if reels like this turn out to be robust and well manufactured they could make a big hole in the market of the named brands, they only need some reviews and recommendations in the press and media to develop serious sales in the "under £50" price reels.

That's about it, I may be saying don't touch with a barge pole in a month time, or not.
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Re: Reel (and bits) direct from China

Postby JAA » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:34 am

Interesting Mr. Mole. You might want to see what the line-lay is like...but it wouldn't surprise me if it was good 'un.

I bought a quantity of cheap braid from China some years ago. I was after some hook-length braid in 6lb and for the price of one spool of 6lb silkworm I was able to locate an uncoated spectra braid and buy 300m of it. I tested its strength and every time I fill my 'fishing' spool (an old cotton reel) I re-test it just in case (I object rather to the gouging prices of Kryston and the like for 20m).

I've also bought 300m spools of coated braids to use as spool backing. Bargain really.
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Re: Reel (and bits) direct from China

Postby DaceAce » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:39 am

I've been buying catapult elastic direct from China at about £1 a metre post paid - 1 metre is enough for two full replacements - so compares well with tackle shop prices of more like £3 for one replacement. For goods over a value of £15 you may be liable to VAT plus Post Office fees.

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