About 'TPBTW'

The "The Path by the Water" forum was founded in July 2011 to provide a temporary home to the dispossessed of 'Pure Piscator' among others, but has meandered on since then.

"The Path by the Water" forum is a cyber-space shed with kettle, for like-minded anglers who place as much emphasis (well almost) on the type of biscuit or cake as they do the rod, reel or bait. It's for those who go fishing to go fishing. It's much less about tackle and rigs and much more about ethos. And cake.

There is a smattering of 'traditional' tackle here, but we are not a "traditionalist' re-enactment group". For the most part, it doesn't matter what your fishing rod is made of or what reel you use. We do care about your fishing exploits, your fettling and anything vaguely fishing related. Or even things that are not fishing related, 'beyond the rabbit proof fence' as it were. Some other pages have been added, this is one such, which provides space for extra stuff, with pages for links and things we like.

The "The Path by the Water" forum exists purely due to members’ contributions. So, while we accept some fish more than others and some post more than others, all members owe us this tithe. There’s no need or obligation to write like Yeats or Yates, or indeed catch monster fish. We all just like to hear about each other’s fishing and fishing related things. You can be catching sticklebacks or salmon, we still want to know.

There’s no entrance fee, no cap on the limit of members, no charges, no necessity to know anyone already, no advertisements and lurking is not encouraged.

We like meandering threads. "A good web discussion should be like a good pub chat - beginning with a notion, weaving back and forth into the proposition at regular intervals but going off like a specimen fish played on light tackle, with a thumb on the reel and the expectation it will be netted in the end (mixing metaphors along the way of course)." - 'Gluey'

The site is run by 'JAA', webmaster, watchman and adjuster of technical things.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, use the email link in the footer, the 'Forum suggestions' thread in 'Admin' or PM JAA...as long as you keep them clean.

The "The Path by the Water" forum is, and will remain, free of commercial interests and does not and will never carry advertisements, either in or out of thread.

The forum's name is borrowed from the A. R. B. Haldane's account of his early days of trout fishing as a boy in the Ochil hills and then onto trout waters in Argyll and the water meadows of Hampshire. It's an evocative and wonderful account, all fishermen should read this and dream.

Here is the inside cover map and a few of the wonderful illustrations by Helen Monroe and you should remember the copyright resides with the author's and illustrator's estates.