Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on "The Path by the Water". They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. The Board Rules

    1. Be polite, good manners are mandatory.
      ...and they cost nothing.

    2. No 'ad hominem' attacks please.
      Which means to attack or criticise the poster rather than politely querying the content of the post.

    3. If you have an issue with another forum member's post contact admin.

      It is not acceptable to take the issue up with the poster on the forum 'front of house'.
      The second word makes the argument...
      Arguments 'front of house' result in entrenched positions with no-one backing down. Resolving these disputes almost always costs the forum a member. However a PM to edit a post from site admin causes no fuss and no loss of face.

    4. No advertisements in threads.
      Links to events such as book launches or tackle fairs are acceptable.
      Links showing members where to find stuff are acceptable.
      Links to web-sites or products that the poster or poster's associates have a vested interest in, are not permitted.

      In case you think this is mean, remember that this site loses money all the time. Money goes in, 'the forum' comes out. You don't get to advertise on JAA's coin without conditions.

    5. No dual identities or log-in's. #
    6. Nothing potentially libelous is to be posted.
      We all make mistakes and we will endeavour to edit such out.
      All posts are the responsibility of the poster and if you write it, you're liable. #
    7. Nothing obscene is to be posted.
      That includes images with questionable content...
      ...and also includes swearwords/obscenities in text. #
    8. "The Path" will, broadly speaking, adhere to the policy that politics and religion are taboo subjects.

      If you want to debate those things there are other forums where you can argue about them to your heart's content. #
    9. Any posts that encourage illegal intent or break the law in themselves will be removed and the account disabled. #
    10. Members may not link, in any manner, to sites or images that contravene the rules above. #
    11. There are no stupid questions.
      Just because you know the answer or it was answered three months ago in a long forgotten thread does not justify curt or snippy replies. Remember you too were once without that knowledge. #
    12. Pictures shown here are the copyright of the poster unless explicitly stated otherwise.
      Forum members are reminded to check on the copyright and/or ownership of any material they are posting. #
    13. If a new member doesn't post in the four weeks after registering, that membership will be suspended.
      As mentioned in the registration email, this site is run much like a fishing syndicate.
      Like all well managed waters, one must periodically run a net through and adjust the stock.
      So those who don't really contribute after registration may be removed, at the discretion of Site Administration. #
    14. It is considered outside the spirit of 'The Path' to mock or insult fellow Path members on other sites. #
    15. It is considered outside the spirit of 'The Path' to publish a member's name on the forum, if they use an alias, or any other personal information without their express permission.
      Crown Prosecution Service guidance as of October 2016 makes it clear that publishing personal information on the internet without the owner's permission is considered to be an offense. Bear this is mind. #
    16. eBay

      Members may post links to eBay items that may be of interest to members.

      Members may not post links to items in which they have any vested interest i.e. the sale item is theirs or an associate of theirs.

      Any comment concerning an item must be verifiable.

      However, the rules of the forum specifically state that libellous posts are not to be made.

      There is a fine line to be steered between justified queries on missing or inconsistent information and outright statements that something is a fake or the seller is misrepresenting an object.

      So please take care with how you describe something with which you have issues and bear in mind that the poster is personally are responsible (and liable) for the content of their posts. This is because this site exists purely to host content posted by others.

      However, the law (in particular, the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 and the Defamation Act 1996) absolves 'The Path' provided that site admin have no reason to know of the defamatory content – but this is only the case if site admin removes the content once aware of it. So, if you post something libellous or defamatory and Site Admin is then made aware (by, say the object of the defamatory remark), to protect the site admin must check, evaluate and if necessary remove. #
  2. Guidelines

    1. "The world is wide enough for both you and I to be wrong." - H.G.Wells

    2. All newly registered users' first 12 posts will have some minor restrictions and during that period, PM's will be disabled.
      I appreciate this is tedious but there's only one of me and I have to take some steps to prevent sales pitches for 'performance enhancement products' and the like.

    3. Just so everyone knows,..
      JAA is the sole Site Administrator and Moderator

    4. Remember your posts on this forum will become public.

    5. Every effort will be made to avoid getting bogged down with dozen of rules.
      We'd prefer folk use their common sense and avoid the type of posts which cause offence or disputes.
      TPBTW site Admin, JAA's ideal, is never to have to get involved, so please try grant me this wish.

      In the event of a rule infringement, the poster will be notified by PM from JAA. For 90% of issues, this
      is the result of late-night typing after an extra single malt or similar, so a simple post edit will sort everything out.

      For the other 10% The basic form will be:

      (1) You'll be asked once
      (2) You'll be told once.
      (3) You account will be closed.

      No debate will be entered into.

      Some forums have a whole thread dedicated to ‘who's on what warning for this or that infringement’ and so on.
      I'm not going to do that. If I have to notify anyone about a rule infringement it'll be via PM. In other words it's between the poster and admin.
      However, should the worst come to pass and a member is removed from the forum, I'll notify the remaining members.

    6. Not anything to do with fishing knots

      It is a fact of life and the human condition that some people always try and 'game the system'.

      It's why (for example) I don't set minimum posting levels for members. If I did, someone would post 'this number of posts +1' consisting of only two of three words each. They'd probably think no-one notices, which is of course, not the case.

      I understand this is part of human nature.

      However, if you 'game the board rules' to see where the line is, you may well find out when you're the other side of it.

      "They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me. I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game" - R.D. Laing ('Knots' p.1)

  3. Terms and Conditions

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  4. Free Speech

    1. Image #